Erasmus + KA1 Learning Mobility of Youth Workers

Partnership Building Activity (PBA)

Project name: Let’s Get Organized for ESC 
Activity date: 03 - 10 December 2019  
Place: İstanbul, Turkey
Participants: 2 participants from 15 Countries 
Let’s Get Organized for ESC training course project will bring together main partners of European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme; youth workers, youth leaders, representatives of the youth organizations from Coordinating, Sending and Hosting Organisations from different European countries. The main aim of the project is improving the international co-operation by gathering the potential and the current partners together, learning new ESC programme and sharing knowledge, consequently increasing the quality of ESC projects. To increase the quality of ESC projects through the development of competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of key actors involved in the support system around the volunteers in the ESC projects developed within the frame of the Erasmus+ programme. It can be stated that the project will be a brainstorming session on basically how to efficiently conduct high quality projects within cooperation with other organizations. The activity will be aimed at individuals who will coordinate ESC projects within their organization, develop the project plan etc. Training course will be for representatives of organisations among EU countries in order to strengthen the cooperation regions that work with youngsters with fewer opportunities (rural areas, disabled, cultural social and economic difficulties) under Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme.

 To get a better understanding of the concept of ESC as “learning service” and related quality aspects in ESC. 
 To improve the ability for co-operation and working in international partnership 
 To reflect on the roles, responsibilities and challenges within the ESC volunteer support system
 To raise awareness of the learning dimension in ESC and provide tools for learning support 
 To support the recognition of non-formal learning in ESC through the competent implementation of Youthpass and Europass. 
 To provide new information about the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme
 To establish long partnership among partner organizations. 
 To develop youth workers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes and improve their experience and provide them with sharing those experience on European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects. 
 Deeper understanding of the European Solidarity programme, 
 To create solid networks of contacts and partnerships, 
 To develop partnerships between the organizations to potentially run ESC projects together.

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